Sunday, March 8, 2009

Charity and Brig Bath time - after birthday party clean-up
Brig - has started to dress himself... or at least that's the story we are telling.

Bryson... just learning to crawl Octoberish 2008

Family pictures at the lake in Sahuarita - August 2008 - so we like to post a little late :)

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Laura said...

Holy Cow it's so good to hear from you guys! You're family is stinkin' cute!!! I'm very jealous of Charity's hair. Charly is 6 and still can't do 1 ponytail. Where are you? We are in Queen Creek. I hope you don't care if I add you to my list and keep up with you. I always ask my mom how you're doing and she is no help, this will be way easier.