Friday, December 18, 2009

Tylee Rain Nielson

Merry Christmas!

Charity's First day of kindergarten.... Brig seems ok with it, Bryson.... not so much.

Our garden gave us this watermelon

Charity and Brig... they are best friends and do everything together.

Boat trip - Shawn can't seem to do anything without getting hurt

Have you ever seen such a hot pregnant woman?

Charity lost her first tooth

Bryson caught stealing a kiss

Bryson learning how to climb on the counter

Dad and kids with the new Tylee (toy)

Bryson is surprisingly gentle with Tylee - the only thing he is gentle with. The other day he pulled his shoulder out of its socket - he likes to tackle Charity and Brig as they color.

Just leaving our hospital room with our new little Tylee

Tylee Rain Nielson

Tylee born Halloween day 2009


PatrickandErica said...

Such a cute family - love the new addition!

Arleen said...

It's Aunt Arleen...I need more pictures of your adorable family. It's Calendar time!! OK, just a little behind but there it is. LOVE YA!

Tiffany-Joy Mo said...

Melanie!!! I just found your blog, and have to admit it made me a little teary eyed missing your wonderful family. I can't believe how big the kids are, and two that we haven't even met!! I hope all is well with your family. We miss you guys, and everyone in Sahuarita!

Carl and Starla said...

Oh, how cute are your kids! I love the name Tylee! Cute! you are still such a gorgeous girl, Melanie! Keep in Touch! Our adoption blog:

Leave your email in a comment (it won't show we have comment moderation) and I will send an invite to our family blog as well.

Love ya!